CELLS, OXYGEN, and VIRUSES “The healthy cell, an impregnable castle!”

Imagine a room that has been deprived of oxygen (O²). Now, you try to set fire to a piece of paper or wood. You will see that NOTHING is going to happen! This is simply natural, because without “O²” as an “ignition spark”, nothing happens. Nothing at all. 

It simply  remains dark. It is remarkable that O² does not store any energy in itself. What now? The paper or wood in above example is only to be understood in the context of our metabolism. There, too,  without O² nothing happens. 

It is only this energy-less O² that can cause all carbon compounds to burn. Our metabolism can only be made to burn through O². The more of it we have in our cells, the stronger and more impregnable they are. 

Do not think of externally supplied O² pressed into your LUNGS under PRESSURE. Because our aveoli (alveoli) do not like technical O². Just coinsider today’s „low oxygen diet“ which  you have been fed with for so long. Just  replace that diet with oxygen rich diet ! 

The disaster starts in the mouth because  fast food hardly contains any ferments. Thus O² in the mouth meets with too few ferments to hang on to (ferment oxidation). Modern man is O² starved and thus energetically totally undernourished. Therefore, cell voltage in modern man is about 50 mV (millivolts) instead of  80 mV., which good health actually will  require by nature! 

This is then a low-vibration breeding ground in which all kinds of diseases can thrive. 

Furthermore, a welcoming culture for even low-vibrating hungry  “VIRUSES”. 

Therefore, without O² we are literally “NOTHING”. 

With insufficient O² we fall too soon from the tree of life. This O² insufficiency will be further reduced by vaccination because the toxic nano-aluminium graphene particles in it reduce the O² insufficiency  even further. The metabolic flame blazing within us is becoming smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, the microwaves around us have the same wavelength of 16.66 cm as the 16.66 cm resonance wavelength of O². This implies that the O² inhaled by us is already partially reduced in advance by mobile phone radiation. On top,the masks we have to wear also reduce our O² level. So , it is advisable to „retrodesign”  your diet in order to make it and in this way yourself   O² rich again. 


Author : Dieter Dahl brief@dieterdahl.de

Picture © By Robert Rutyna, Contributor [CC BY-SA 4.0],  via ciekawyswiata.pl

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